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Business Litigation Lawyers Springfield MO

At Endicott Law Firm, LLC, we have handled a wide array of matters for our clients.  We have defended business clients who have been sued for breach of contract, and we have brought suit for businesses who have been wronged by another’s breach of contract.  We have successfully pursued collection cases for businesses and individuals who have not been paid for the services they provided.  We have served as business litigation lawyers for people and businesses involved in real estate and boundary line disputes.  We have represented trustees of a trust for the purpose of resolving any claims against the trust, and we have represented beneficiaries who believe they have been wronged by the activities of a trustee.  We have challenged trusts in circumstances where the trust was established through undue influence or where the person setting up the trust was of unsound mind.

It is just as important in business litigation cases, as in personal injury cases, for the lawyer to preserve evidence and develop the facts early in the case.  You should contact us as soon as possible after a dispute arises so that immediate steps can be taken to protect the interests of your business and those who may rely on your business for their livelihood.

“Mr. Endicott did everything I asked him to do.  He took a case to trial that had to be tried, he presented all of the right evidence, he argued effectively to the court, and he obtained the result I wanted.  He responded immediately to my phone calls and requests for information.  I could not have had a better attorney in my case.”

Doug Pierce, Doug Pierce Plumbing
Quinton, OK